In the focus

Our upcoming ATBH Conference in 2018

The 2016 conference in Oxford was a huge success. The upcoming conference takes place in Auckland (New Zealand) in September 2018. You can access the ATBH IX conference webpage to stay informed.

African Network joins the committee

In 2016 the Sub-Saharan African network AfrIPEN was accepted and welcomed by the committee as new regional network member. The WCC hopes that a Latin-American network is soon to be established. 

Call for hosting the ATBH Conference in 2020

Institutions are welcome to submit a bid for organizing and hosting the 2020 Conference. Read the announcement. Feel free to contact the committee chair or secretary for more information.

Auckland: The location for the ATBH conference in 2018.
The wonderful city of New Zealand is the location for the ATBH IX Conference in September 2018, hosted by the Auckland University of Technology (AUT). (picture: RGCommunications)