Who are we?

The World Association of Interprofessional Practice and Education is a free membership organization. Membership is open to individuals and institutions, but requires a degree of recognised expertise and quality, based on transparent criteria.

The number of experts in IPE is still small, the need for information and support is high, and the opportunities for worldwide contacting and sharing have grown. A worldwide community of persons and institutions that are recognized for their expertise can support and ensure the quality, coverage and development of interprofessional practice and education. 

The aim of the worlwide association is to strengthen and expand the interprofessional practice in health care and the interprofessional education and training, by
  1. Stimulating individuals and institutions to attain a certain level of expertise and quality,
  2. Solidifying and supporting expertise by bringing together experts and combining areas of expertise,
  3. Publishing and disseminating existing expertise developed by research, development and training

The association starts with a core of founding members by before Spring 2019. See the Members page if you want to apply for membership.

Please note that WAIPE is not associated in any way to ATBH.